1. You can purchase VOCE's 3 BEST skin brightening serums at Ginza Mitsukoshi!


You can purchase VOCE's 3 BEST skin brightening serums at Ginza Mitsukoshi!

If you're thinking, "I'd like to feel assured when buying Japanese products, by using Chinese", or "I want to attain radiant skin, and learn about skin brightening care", then leave it to us! We'll bring you information on top ranking skin brightening serums, as well information on the shop with Chinese interpreters available.

You can purchase VOCE's 3 BEST skin brightening serums at Ginza Mitsukoshi!

Japan's No.1 beauty media outlet 『VOCE』has released this year's semi-annual best cosmetics list. Professionals have given the TOP 3 skin brightening serums their seals of approval, saying that "fair skin is in". We'll introduce the shop where you can attain these potent serums.

47 of Japan's leading beauty creators worked on the 『Best Cosmetics Award』 skin brightening serum judge's panel. Here, we bring you the top ranking products, along with comments from the judges themselves!

★Best Cosmetics 1st Place★

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White Shot CX (Quasi-drug) 25ml ¥15000 (Refill ¥14000)

As we get older, our skin's ability to recover from sun damage on its own tends to decrease. POLA's product though, rouses the skin's "self clearing ability" with a groundbreaking approach, which gives the consumer visible skin brightening effects, and winning a perfect 10 from many of the judges.

Beauty Editor Abe Sawako
"This product revives the skin's "self clearing abilities" leaving the skin feeling revitalized. 

Beauty Editor Hashimoto Hitomi
"The product clearly brightens the skin! Many years' accumulation of impurities and dark stains become less noticeable".

★Best Cosmetics 2nd Place★

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Balancing White Clear Essence (Quasi-drug) 30ml ¥10000

As with the THREE skincare products up until now, there is attentive care taken to extracts, derived from plants, and the essential oils that go into this product. There was no comprising on quality with these judges' votes. 

Beauty Writer Maeda Miho
"Skin clarity just keeps improving daily. This is an indispensable product if you're seeking out beautiful skin."

★Best Cosmetics 3rd Place★

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DiorSnow Whitening Serum
(Quasi-drug) 30ml ¥12500

After continuing steady skin brightening research, Dior's serum has gotten an update. In addition to targeting dark spots and dullness, this whitening serum also focuses on color balance. The idea is not to stop at just brightening the skin, but to add several functions which serve to bring about clearer, more pure looking skin!

Beauty Writer Nakagawa Chiharu
"I was impressed by the brightening effect this prodct had by cleaning out the skin's impurities. The serum itself feels great and also has a wonderful scent".

If you're thinking about trying out POLA, THREE, or DiorSnow, you can do so at the Mitsukoshi department's cosmetics floor found in the first floor basement.

★Mitsukoshi Department Pointers★

To the right hand of the "Lion Entrance" there is an information desk. Next to that desk there is a "Shopping Guide Corner" which features permanantly stationed Chinese interpreters. There you can ask for shopping assitance.

Also, there are Chinese interpreters stationed at the 1st place POLA and 3rd place Dior cosmetics' counters. At the Dior counter, there are also Chinese make-up advisers.

If thinking about using any of these services, we recommend that you make a reservation using the Mitsukoshi automated phone service: 03-3562-1111.

※As the phone service corresponds to Japanese, knowing the phrase "CYUGOKUGO TSUYAKU ONEGAISHIMASU" (Chinese interpreter please) might come in handy. After making your request in Japanese, your call will soon be transferred.

At Mitsukoshi there is large array of cosmetics brands. Make sure to get your fill of Japanese cosmetics when visiting Japan♪

photograph: Yasuhiro Ito(still) 
text:Hiroe Miyashita、Reiko Anazawa,Saiko Maruoka
composition:Tomoko Oniki
web writing:Yuko Kaneko