1. What's are the best 『VOCE』 cosmetics you can buy at Ginza's 5th Matsumotokiyoshi shop?


What's are the best 『VOCE』 cosmetics you can buy at Ginza's 5th Matsumotokiyoshi shop?

Here, we'll introduce the best "must have" Japanese cosmetics from Shinseido and SK-II (representative of Japanese cosmetics brands) to bargain brands; all of which can be obtained in one convenient store, 『Matsumotokiyoshi』.

What's are the best 『VOCE』 cosmetics you can buy at Ginza's 5th Matsumotokiyoshi shop?

"You can't miss this information if buying Japanese cosmetics!", said the No.1 beauty media outlet 『VOCE』 on the 2015 best cosmetics.

47 out of 100 beauty professional have carefully selected from an array of beauty products, bringing you some select items you can buy at a store regularly featured in Chinese guidebooks, 『Matsumotokiyoshi』.

We recommend this shop, as there are Chinese translators who can respond to your inquiries; all you have to do is keep this article at hand while you leisurely enjoy some shopping♪

SHOP DATA:『Matsumotokiyoshi Ginza 5th shop』
Address: Tokyo Chuouku Ginza 5-5-1 Ginza 5th Biru B1・B2
Telephone: 03-3289-5321

Emulsion Divion 1st Place

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HAKU Melanodefence Powderizer
120g ¥6000 (Editor researched)/Shinseido

Born of the popular brightening serum HAKU, this bubbly emulsion ranked in close to 300 points, securing the number 1 spot in their division.  It'll help keep your skin from taking in harmful UV rays.

★Judge's comments★
Beauty Editor Ayako Serigawa
"I felt that it took less time to conceal discoloration. The more you use it, the better the results".

Bargain Brand Division 3rd Place

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Kao Marshmallow Whip Deep Clear
150ml ¥570 (Editor researched)/Kao

Amongst the foam facial cleansers, Biore's cleansing capabilities came out on top. Kao's sebum clearing ingredients help to give you a clean, clear complexion.

『VOCE』 Best Cosmetics Make-Up Division・Overall Winner

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SK-II Auractivator CC Cream
SPF50・PA+++ 30g ¥8500 (Editor Researched)/Max Factor

Bringing the potpourri that is the BB&CC market to a standstill, SK-II also won first place in the make-up division. Cellular and genetic level skin mechanism research, along with shine control research, brought forth the birth of this CC cream.

★Judge's comments★
Hair and Make-Up Artist AYA
"It doesn't adjust your skin color, in regulates it by enhancing the texture. Applying little by little will enhance the lightness, weightlessness, as well as the clarity of the skin".

Foundation Division 3rd Place

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Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV
Total 7 Shades SPF25・PA++ ¥4000 (Editor Researched)/Shinseido

Leaving a great finish, fit, and having lasting power, this make-up masterpiece has all that's ever asked for in a foundation. This level of comfort is definitely worth a try!

★Judge's comments★
Beauty Editor Kondo Sugako
"The make-up looked fresh and kept my pores looking minimized for so long, I even started to believe that's what my skin actually looked like".

In『Matsumotokiyoshi Ginza 5th shop』 they have Shinseido (at Shinseido they have their own specialized Chinese translators!), Kanebo, Kose, SK-II, amongst other similar, popular "JAPAN made" cosmetics brands: about as many as in any department store. Additionally, the shop features many bargain brands and household goods, as well as medicine. All the items popular amongst Chinese travelers under one roof; an ideal setting for travelers with a time constraint. Definitely check out the products chosen by Japan's No.1 beauty magazine. The store is open until 22:00, so you can stop by even after dinner.

photograph:Yasuhiro Ito(still)
text:Hiroe Miyashita、Reiko Anazawa,Saiko Maruoka
compilation:Tomoko Oniki
web writing:Yuko Kaneko