1. Japan’s Top Hair and Make-Up Buffs Boast These Top 3 CC Creams


Japan’s Top Hair and Make-Up Buffs Boast These Top 3 CC Creams

Here we’ll introduce Japan’s 3 Best CC creams, which help give you beautiful skin just by applying it. These creams conquered the top spots of the Foundation Division in Japan’s most prestigious Cosmetics Awards. To make things better, you can purchase these products at a store that features Chinese translation services!

Japan’s Top Hair and Make-Up Buffs Boast These Top 3 CC Creams

When talking foundations, “CC Creams” are all the rage in Japan right now. CC Cream can mean “Color Control” or “Conditioning Color”, it all varies according to the brand. These creams though, exceed the beautifying potential of even skin-nurturing BB Creams, and thus have received much recognition.

Despite being a relatively new genre in the make-up world, these products dominated the first three spots in Japan’s greatest authority in the make-up world, the “Cosme Awards”. Even professional hair and make-up artists are standing behind these products’ beautifying effects.

And now to unveil the award-winning CC Creams!

★★★1ST PLACE★★★

SKII Auractivator

SKII Auractivator
CC Cream SPF50・PA++++
30g, ¥8500 (editor researched)/Max Factor

Cellular and genetic level skin mechanism research, along with shine control research, brought forth the birth of this CC cream. This product is the crème de la crème, having received the highest marks due to its ability to: improve the skin the more you use it, feature skin toning-up properties, conceal any trouble areas, all while protecting your skin with SPF50+、PA++++!

Judge’s Comments

Hair and Make-Up Artist KUBOKI

“This product can match any skin color despite only having one shade. You’ll no longer get that caked-on look; you can feel it from the high quality of this product.”

Hair and Make-Up Artist Riho Takahashi

“This product leaves your bare skin feeling great and smooth, giving your skin a more refined look. The “high-quality natural” look is amazing!”

Hair and Make-Up Artist Tanaka Hironori

“This product will transform your skin to look smooth no matter what condition it’s in. Skin will look clear for a long time with this CC cream!”

★★★2ND PLACE★★★

Chanel CC Cream 50

Chanel CC Cream 50
Total 2 Shades SPF50・PA++++
30ml, ¥6300

The 2013 first half semi-annual “Best Cosmetics” award winner has undergone a renewal. The updates include more advanced ultraviolet ray protection, and an even lighter texture. As if this perfect product couldn’t have gotten any better, these updates will undoubtedly meet your expectations and more!

Judge’s Comments:

Hair and Make-up Artist, Inuki Ai

“I feel relieved at the superb ultraviolet ray protection. Coverage is moderate, so just this one bottle’s got you covered.”

★★★3RD PLACE★★★

Image title

Helena Rubenstein
40ml, ¥12000

The product came onto the scene as a head-lining, high specs CC cream. Boldly bolstering the “Re-plasty” title, this is a highly-ranked popular product aimed at adults. On top of brightening the skin and making it smooth, this product also features high-grade eye anti-aging potential.

Judge’s Comments

Beauty Editor, Sawako Abe

“This product surpasses CC creams with it’s anti-aging care, ultraviolet ray protection, and skin nourishing properties all packed into one CC Cream.”

You can try out all the CC creams featured here, from 1st to 3rd place, at the department store Matsuya. You can take your time comparing which product you like the best, but if you can afford it, you won’t regret purchasing all three!

In Matsuya there is an Information Desk near the main entrance which has Chinese-speaking staff that can help acquaint you with the department.

It seems there are also Chinese-speaking beauty advisors available if you go directly to the sales counters. (Chinese-speaking staff cannot immediately attend to you while helping other customers, so you might need to wait some time before receiving assistance. It would be best to visit when you have some time to spare.)


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photograph:Yasuhisa Kikuchi/vale.(model),Yasuhiro Ito(still) hair&make-up:Ai Inuki/Agee model:Erika Mori styling:Ayumi Takagaki/LOVABLE text:Hiroe Miyashita、Reiko Anazawa,Saiko Maruoka composition:Tomoko Oniki web writing:Yuko Kaneko