1. Lumine Yurakucho: A Secret Treasure Trove Housing the Best Cosmetics♪


Lumine Yurakucho: A Secret Treasure Trove Housing the Best Cosmetics♪

If you plan on shopping for cosmetics while in the Ginza area, Lumine Yurakucho is a less crowded place where you can enjoy more of your shopping.

Lumine Yurakucho: A Secret Treasure Trove Housing the Best Cosmetics♪

The 3 Best Japanese cosmetics awards winners: Three, Addiction, RMK as well as organic cosmetics are all available here.

In the extremely busy Ginza area, ”Lumine Yurakucho” is a secret spot where you can shop more relaxed. In fact, have you heard that Lumine offers “over-the-phone service in Chinese”? If there are any language-related problems, you can communicate with store-staff with the help of over-the-phone translation.

Furthermore, there’s yet another reason to recommend this place! You can shop all the 2015 cosmetic award winners selected by the leading Japanese beauty magazine ”VOCE” here.

First, I would like to introduce the award-winning products.


The whitening ream creates a bright skin tone and bouncy skin texture.

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Cream White

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Cream White (quasi-pharmaceutical product) 30g ¥8000

The cream contains tranexamic acid, that works as an active whitening ingredient. This product got voted a top item because it’s not only a supporting item, but acts as a lead character in your whitening routine. Also, it improves the texture of your skin. (Available at Lumine 1・ 7F “@cosmestore”)


Moisturizes skin, and improves skin clarity day by day☆ The whitening serum makes the best use of plant extracts and essential oils.

THREE Balancing White Clear Essence

THREE Balancing White Clear Essence (quasi-pharmaceutical product) 30ml ¥10000

This essence aims not for brightening, but for a whitening effect. This is THREE. As other skin care items, Three deserves applause for its particular attitude towards not compromising the extract and essential oil from plants used in the product.(Available at Lumine 1・ 1F “THREE”)


Containing 80% beautification ingredients this “soft and luscious lipstick” reaches new levels as a lip essence.

RMK  Irresistible Glow Lips 01

RMK Irresistible Glow Lips 01 ¥3000 each

The smooth texture of this lipstick is so comfortable as if it’s melting on lips instantly. Its texturizing and moisturizing effect makes it more a lip essence than a traditional lip stick. It’s so much fun to see your lip coloring like a watery fruit.(Available at Lumine 1・ 1F “RMK”)


Simply applying the clear red gloss on the lips brings enhances your lips’ natural charm.

THREE Simmering Lip Jam 08

THREE Simmering Lip Jam 08 ¥3000 each

The appearance of a think, moist lip are both realized by this new THREE product, the Simmering Lip Jam. It is amazing how it forms, and keeps shape. Although it is a strong bright red, it seems translucent, and so you don’t feel the heaviness of the color. Even professional makeup artists are impressed.(Available at Lumine 1・ 1F “THREE”)


A mysterious purple-pink gloss: the only thing you need to wear to give your make up a trendy boost!

Addiction Lip Gloss Pure Shell Garden

Addiction Lip Gloss Pure Shell Garden ¥2500 each

The mysterious purple-pink lip gloss made third place on the ranking. Its supporters love it for the reason that it plumps lips yet leaves a light texture when wearing it.
Many reviews said that as soon as it is applied, it helps give your make-up a refreshingly trendy edge.(Available at Lumine 1・ 7F “@cosmestore”)


93% natural ingredients helped it garner popularity from both men and women.Scalp care designed for thin, fine and white hair.

Image title

uka Rebirth Serum for Scalp 50ml ¥5000

This product ranked in first for scalp care items. The smell is nice, it doesn’t get sticky and offers wholesome effects. It can be used for both men and women and it is highly recommended by male hair stylists. (Available at Lumine1・1F Organic cosmetics'”Cosme Kitchen”)

The cosmetics introduced here were fairly selected by 47 of Japan’s beauty innovators under serious considerations. They are all top-class products in Japan and also good for souvenirs.
In Lumine Yurakucho, there are also selected cosmetics shops like Cosme Kitchen and @cosme store. There are many fantastic products lines waiting for beauty experts like you to find out.


『Lumine Yurakucho』
Address: 2-5-1 Yūrakuchō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to
Telephone: 03-6268-0730
Business Hours: Weekdays 11:00-21:30; Weekends, Holidays 11:00-21:00

photograph:Yasuhisa Kikuchi/vale.(model),Yasuhiro Ito(still) hair&make-up:Ai Inuki/Agee model:Erika Mori,Ayami Kakiuchi styling:Ayumi Takagaki/LOVABLE text:Hiroe Miyashita、Reiko Anazawa,Saiko Maruoka composition:Tomoko Oniki web writing:Yuko Kaneko