1. The 3 Best Face Masks From Japan’s Most Prominent “Cosme Award”!


The 3 Best Face Masks From Japan’s Most Prominent “Cosme Award”!

The face masks that are currently all the rage in Japan are not just for moisturizing. They have the astonishing effect of being able to whiten, beautify your skin, and even give you a youthful aura. Here, we’ll introduce the 3 Best “super-powered” sheet masks that Japan can be proud of!

The 3 Best Face Masks From Japan’s Most Prominent “Cosme Award”!

“VOCE Best Cosme” is a cosmetics ranking held featuring 47 beauty specialists who guide Japan’s beauty world, and held nothing back when ranking these products. The sheet masks chosen here faired particularly well in areas such as improving the skin’s quality and condition, and even regulating the skin’s appearance.

We will report VOCE’s Best 3, for those with high beauty standards thinking, “I want the absolute best sheet masks!”. In addition, we will introduce a model course where you can buy all the products in Ginza, so please give it a try.

★VOCE Best Cosme Face Mask Division★

Chanel Le Blanc Cheek Mask#1 Get those rosy-colored cheeks through skin care!

Chanel Le Blanc Cheek Mask 7 ml x 6 set, ¥10000

The current champion clinging to first place, is a unique item called a specialized cheek mask. It’s said the best way you can get the most out of this product is by soaking the beauty essence onto the sheet just before application; this is a distinctive feature of this 2015 product. Rosy-red cheeks are a must-have for seasonal makeup. Being able to create the same look using skincare is totally in!

Judges’ Rave Reviews

Beauty Journalist, Kaoru Saito
“This mask is separated into two layers right up until you use it. It immediately increases the circulation of blood and activates the skin brightening process. It’s a winning idea that’ll captivate anyone who tries it!”

Beauty Editor, Chiharu Nakagawa
“It restores the sense of clarity in cheeks that have lots of dark spots, open pores, or any kind of trouble. The coloring of my cheeks became so much better!”

Image title#2 With just a 10 minute application, you can attain the best skin of your life!

Clé De Peau Beauté Masque éclaircissant intensif (non-medicinal product) 1 set: ¥1800, 6 sets: ¥10000

Soak your skin in rich moisture, and soften the weakened layers of skin. When you remove the face mask after ten minutes, even unwanted impurities will come off with the mask. This mask’s obtainable skin whitening powers, will also bring you peace of mind!

Judges’ Rave Reviews

Beauty Writer, Hiroe Miyashita
“From a feeling of cleanliness to toning, you can get all the different results you want at once.”

VOCE Editor, Sayaka Miyoshibr> 「“I was worried about my skin’s dullness, but by using one sheet I’m on my way to the best skin clarity in my life. I can affirm that this investment is not too pricey.”

Shiseido Benefique Mask Power Repair (non-medicinal product)

#3 Feel as if your skin were being soaked in a creamy bath

Shiseido Benefique Mask Power Repair (non-medicinal product) 23 ml x 6, ¥8000 (checked by editor) / Shiseido

This is a sheet mask you would use after your regular skin maintenance. It’s as if you are applying a rich cream to your face; the luxurious feeling is captivating beauty specialists one after the other. It’s also highly anticipated to have a skin-firming effect on all your face.

Judges’ Rave Reviews

Beauty writer, Anazawa Reiko
“Skin that was dull and had lost its youthful complexion becomes plump and vibrant, and appears polished even. It’s a miracle, since you can see it’s as if the product has been deeply etched onto your skin.”

For #1’s Chanel and #2’s Shiseido, go to Ginza’s Mitsukoshi department store.
And for #3’s Benefique, unfortunately it’s a brand that isn’t handled in department stores, so please check the cosmetics shop Ginza Akarenga, a 3-4 minute walk from Mitsukoshi.


Ginza Mitsukoshi
Address: 4-6-16 Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza
Telephone: 03-3562-1111
Sales counter: B1F
Additional Information: Next to the information counter on the right hand side of the “Lion Statue Entrance” on the first floor, there is a “Shopping Guide” counter with a permanent Chinese interpreter. You can also request shopping support there. ※ At Shiseido, there is also Chinese-speaking staff.

Ginza Akarenga
Address: 5-8-20 Ginza Core 2F, Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza
Telephone: 03-3574-7217
Additional Information: It’s on the second floor of the fashion building Ginza Core, straight across the street, Harumidori, in front of Mitsukoshi. Upon enquiring on the telephone, we found there’s no Chinese-speaking staff, but if you show photos of what you want using magazines or a mobile phone, they will locate the products for you.

There is no disadvantage in taking home a couple of sheet masks for skin that is worn out from vacationing, and as a counter-measure to the dry air on the plane ride home. How about trying out the “3 Best” as a memento of your Japanese holiday?

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