1. New lineup from Best Cosmetics award-winner POLA B.A!


New lineup from Best Cosmetics award-winner POLA B.A!

POLA B.A has devoted itself to using the power of science to unlock your skin’s potential as it changes over the years. This summer, the brand – a long-running favorite of the beauty pros who pick the best cosmetics of the year – is undergoing a major evolution! Of particular note: A lotion that provides hydration and suppleness in a single product!

New lineup from Best Cosmetics award-winner POLA B.A!

“Golden Cocoons” Provide the Key to Smooth, Shiny Skin

POLA’s long-standing B.A skincare brand has undergone a major evolution. The new keyword is “versican”, a chemical component that’s the key to your body’s skin-building mechanism from infanthood. A vital part of the skin creation and regeneration process, versican begins to decline as your body ages. However, POLA has successfully created a new ingredient called Golden LP that stimulates the creation of versican. POLA uses unique technology to derive Golden LP from rare “golden cocoons” (0.0001% cocoon component). Adding this to skin models causes a dramatic increase in versican production and even boosts collagen and elastin levels! This improves your skin’s resilience, providing the key to fuller, shinier skin. Check out the lotion in particular, whose creamy texture works itself deep into your skin and provides the moisturizing power you’ve come to expect from B.A. Following the Genesis Bio-Active Theory, B.A has undergone a dramatic evolution – one you can see for yourself on your skin!

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A.B.A Cleansing Cream – 130g ¥10,000
B.B.A Wash – 100g ¥10,000
C.B.A Massage Cream – 90g ¥12,000
D.B.A Lotion – 120ml ¥20,000
E.B.A Milk – 80ml ¥20,000
F.B.A Cream – 30g ¥32,000

Also look out for POLA’s pore-cleansing beauty liquid, a winner in VOCE’s Best Cosmetics awards!

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A daytime beauty liquid and emulsion that helps you create the smooth skin all women want without showing off your pores. The most unique feature is its dense, bubble-like texture – a single push provides a stream of bubbles! Give it a try, and you’ll see for yourself how nice and refreshing it feels as it dissolves into your skin.

RED B.A Smoothing Serum (SPF20 / PA+++) 60g ¥10,000 / POLA

Text:Reiko Anazawa
Supported by: POLA